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SketchDaddy's Wings 'n Things

​Meet The Owners !
Pictured above is Jim Jordan and his daughter Tayler.  Jim has worked, played and enjoyed life with his family in the Bradenton-Sarasota area for nearly 50 years. He has raised four fantastic children with the help of his wife Kelly of 15 years. Now that his children are grown and following their dreams he decided to follow one of his, which was owner and operator of a local, nostalgic bar and eatery. Since he has always loved to cook and he considers himself a wing connoisseur, the purchase of an existing local treasure was the perfect fit. With the support of close family and friends the adventure has begun, along with his great friend and business partner Steve Del Moro, they have created the perfect “wing” experience.
Pictured above (coming soon)  is Steve DelMaro and his wife Sandi. Steve was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Sarasota, Florida in the early 1970's with his parents, brother, and two sisters. After graduating from Riverview High School, and ITI, Steve went into the HVAC/Refrigeration trade. He currently owns and operates a HVAC business in Myakka City with his wife, Sandi. Collectively, Steve and Sandi have two beautiful daughters and several wonderful grandkids that live in the area. Steve's hobbies include riding his Harley, working on classic cars, fishing, hunting, and camping. Steve's passion though is firing up the smoker or the grill and cooking for family and friends. Steve, along with Sandi's help, had a successful BBQ catering company for several years!

The Birth of SketchDaddy's

If you have grown up in the Bradenton area, you know that 'Wings ‘N Things' has been around since the early 80's. The original owner moved from Buffalo, NewYork and opened up Wings ‘N Things and introduced the small town of Bradenton to chicken wings! The secret recipes created some of the best flavorings that anyone had ever tried! The West Bradenton gem was managed by other owners until Jim noticed the potential opportunity at the same spot he enjoyed the best wings in town when he was in high-school!

        Jim called Steve and told him he was interested in buying the restaurant.  With Steve having an extensive mechanical background and (to add flavor) a history in BBQ catering, Jim offered to buy Steve a beer if he came and looked over the deal before committing. While having that beer, Steve said: "Want a partner?" And SketchDaddy's was born.

​But where does the name come from?

         Jim and Steve have been riding their Harleys for many years. They travel to events and tour other parts of the US every chance they get. However, their mental release from the strains of the work week stress has been to meet and ride every single Saturday morning with a few close friends. When Steve first started riding with the guys he would only periodically show up, So when asked if Steve was coming to ride Jim said his appearance today is "sketchy, " and the nickname stuck. We often get confused when people ask where or who Steve is?  You mean Sketchy?

        Ever since Jim can remember, particularly all his friends through High School have called him "Papa," they still do to this day! He's always kinda been the "dad" of the group of friends, looking out for everyone. This even carried over into his career, and  over the course of 30 years and funny memories Jim's nickname has evolved into "Dadeo"

         When Steve and Jim decided to purchase the business, and they created the LLC, the partnership name just seemed perfect since it derived from their favorite pastime and friendship.  The name and logo are currently being trademarked as well. A new Brand has been born!

Mission Statement
To ensure that not only do our guests have a comfortable and clean dining experience but as well that our staff is well taken care of. In return, our staff is called to give our guests the best possible customer service experience. Through taking care of our staff and guests, we shall in return with our profits contribute to the community we serve.